CRUISE CAREER COACH: Sailing Into the New Year – How to Successfully Achieve Your Goals

CRUISE CAREER COACH: Sailing Into the New Year – How to Successfully Achieve Your Goals

The start of a new year is the perfect time to make positive changes in our lives. Having a clean slate fuels the fire to strive harder than ever before to do the things we’ve always thought about, but have never gotten around to accomplishing.


Though intentions behind achieving your goals are always positive, like scoring that dream job, trying something new, or breaking a bad habit, we often find ourselves overwhelmed and burned out, and tend to give up before we achieve long-term success. There is one key element that will make the difference between setting goals and actually achieving them – a smart strategy.


Strategically planning to achieve your goals will set you up for success. Develop a quarterly “blueprint” that breaks down step by step through each quarter of the year what you wish to accomplish. Thoroughly think through your short term objectives which are the stepping stones to help you reach your ultimate longer-term goal. Consider what types of events could arise that might distract you from reaching your goal. When defining each small win, think about those distractions and come up with strategies to overcome them.


When it comes to professional goals, your goal may be to create a personal website to market yourself on your job search. A requirement to succeed is to allot plenty of time after your daily obligations to slowly work on all of the different components of an online portfolio, such as gathering samples of work, making sure your resume is in pristine shape, and writing an interesting mini-biography. To stay on track, when you feel yourself getting busy, scheduling out a block of time over the weekend will keep you focused in the direction of successfully achieving your goals.


Achieving goals takes drive, commitment and dedication. Creating a checklist of tasks and priorities will help you stay on track. You’ll be surprised how quickly the year flies by – and by this time next year, you will feel a huge sense of pride looking back on all of the goals you accomplished!