CRUISE CAREER COACH: Building a Strong Work Ethic

CRUISE CAREER COACH: Building a Strong Work Ethic

Follow these tips and you will go far in achieving your career goals. There’s a saying that it takes about three weeks to develop a good habit. Help yourself by making sure you have these tips down before stepping onboard.

Be on time.

Make it a habit to be early for work. Giving yourself at least 10 to 15 minutes gets you mentally prepared for the day. Take a breath before diving in.

Be professional.

This goes way beyond how you look. Professionalism is about attitude and behavior. Be positive toward others, stay far away from gossip, and respect other people’s points of view. Over time you’ll be known for your integrity, an irreplaceable asset.

Be disciplined.

Keep your eye on the prize. Staying focused on your long-term goals will help keep you on track. Meanwhile, make each task important, no matter how small or insignificant you think it may be, and treat it with your full attention.

Be thorough.

Complete tasks on time. Forget about procrastination and finish what you start. There is an old saying Benjamin Franklin said: “Never leave that ’til tomorrow which you can do today.” More than 250 years later, it’s still good advice.

Be balanced.

It’s not all work and no play. Take care of yourself off the job too. Making time to simply relax, and recharge helps clear your mind and gives you a better perspective about your job, and everything else for that matter.