CAPTURING CRUISE MEMORIES: The latest photo and video services at sea.

CAPTURING CRUISE MEMORIES: The latest photo and video services at sea.

Before selfies and photo sharing faster than the speed of light, there were the “good old days” of onboard photography. This was the time when photographers went around the ship literally snap-happy. Your every move was documented, sometimes with a not-so-flattering pose, even sometimes mid-bite. And all these images were in the photo gallery for everyone to see. Many passengers on the hunt for their own photos were highly entertained looking and sometimes laughing at everyone else’s at the onboard photo gallery.

Now, guests can just as easily take those slice-of-life photos and videos with their phones or digital cameras — and they do. However, shipboard “paparazzi” are still busy snapping and filming you at every turn.

And while you still can pose for photos while embarking and disembarking as well as get photos taken on the ship throughout your cruise, the quality of these photos have stepped up their game immensely. Looking through the photo galleries, you can tell photographers take time to get the right shot. Also, professional videos of each cruise are available. These include a mix of footage of the ship, the destinations and activities specific to your voyage.

On top of that, guests can have a photo session with a professional photographer in an onboard photo studio, complete with wardrobe changes, unique backdrops and props, flattering poses and just-right lighting. Some of these sessions take place on shore, too, capturing guests at their best while enjoying the beautiful backdrop and lighting of their destination. Onboard and onshore professional video services are available for guests too.

Skilled photographers and videographers are very much needed on cruise ships. Instead of working in a land-based studio, wouldn’t you rather take your passion for capturing the moment to sea?