Behind the Scenes: The unsung technical heroes.

Behind the Scenes: The unsung technical heroes.

Behind those onboard Broadway-style extravaganzas, dazzling acrobatic performances and onboard TV broadcasts is a full team of technical professionals working hard to make it happen. They are the ones bringing the shows to life with lighting and sound that showcases each performance. They are the folks working the ropes, booms, hoists and the like, as well as the ones producing shows broadcast in every stateroom and all around the ship.

Wanted: Stage Production Staff

If you have a theater or stage management degree and/or a few years of technical experience and wonder where you’ll career will take you — take it to sea. There are hundreds of big-name cruise ships on the water at one time, each trying to outdo one another with entertainment options. And they need a highly talented crew backstage to help produce flawless, seamless shows each night that will keep guests coming back for more.

That Means You Too, Broadcast Folks

All the major cruise lines have their own TV channels onboard their ships, broadcasting shows for guests in their staterooms, in bars — just about anywhere you can mount a flat-screen TV or monitor. These channels feature fresh programming daily, with footage reflecting the goings on that day, a recap of what happened the day or night before, and shows about the upcoming onboard events and exciting destinations waiting for guests to discover. Some cruise lines, such as Princess Cruises, have a designated onboard TV studio that presents concerts, talk shows, culinary shows, late-night comedy and game shows — all live.

All of this programming needs a team of skilled professionals to film, edit and broadcast all of this content. Plus they need sound, lighting and other technical professionals behind the scenes to ensure each segment looks and sounds its best.

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